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Aquarius Deutschland GmbH
The Aquarius Deutschland GmbH based in Ismaning, near Munich, is the licensee of the brand CARRERA ®. Today we are one of Germany's leading personal care suppliers in international small... more ...
Adalperostr. 29
85737 Ismaning
Phone:  + 49 89 54801850
Fax:  + 49 89 5480185600 
Online shop:
We speak ...
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We are:
manufacturer: electronics, leisure wear, pet care - fashion, beauty and health
We directly serve:
We offer:
Trend, Beauty and Health: Shaving Razors - Hair – Aids - Hair Curlers / Rollers - Depilation / Epilation - Nail Products - Other Hair Removal/Masking Products - Diagnostic Monitors - Oral Care Aids - Thermometers - Beauty/Personal Care/Hygiene - Healthcare  further information
Electronics, Leisure, and Animals: Other Pet Accessories  further information
Home, Office and Decoration: Electric Grills - Other Small Cooking Appliances - Other Cleaning Appliances - Household Kitchen Merchandise - Home Appliances  further information
home Beauty/Personal Care/Hygiene Home Appliances Healthcare
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